General Features of our Software

General :

All the modules are designed in such a way that data once entered will be forwarded till the end of the transaction, which avoids duplicate entry of data. All the options in the software are password controlled. The supervisor (who has the highest authority in the software) can create the users and assign the rights. Users will be restricted to only those areas where they are given the access. The system also keeps track of the user who creates, edits the document. For e.g. if you want to find out who had last amended an AWB, it is easily available to the management.

Controls :

It also has a credit control system. You can define the credit limit for a party. At any point of time, if the balance of the party exceeds the credit limit, the system will lock all further sales pertaining to that party. The transaction can be unlocked only by a user who has the rights to over-ride these controls (generally a higher authority). In such cases, an exceptional report will list out such instances.

Integration :

All the modules we have are inter-linked. The custom documentation module is linked to the exports module. These are in-turn linked with the financial accounting, which is designed exclusively to take care of the trade requirements. Once the documents are transferred to the books of accounts, it can only be viewed or printed in operations. The amendments will be restricted once it is transferred to the books of accounts. Only a user with the relevant access level will only be able to do amendments in such transactions.

Reports :

Reports are instant. It has an array of Statistical/Analytical reports including the job-wise cost sheets, which can provide the gross profit against a job, with the breakup of expenses and income. For e.g. at the click of a mouse you can find out the tonnage/turnover on an airline to a specific sector/country/destination on account of a specific commodity (if any), for a given period. Costing reports can be generated job-wise, salesman wise and client wise and is available in all the modules. It also has pending reports like Pending Invoices (i.e. Jobs against which the invoices are not raised on the parties), Pending Delivery Orders (in imports), Pending Brokerage Debit Notes (Sea Exports) etc. Reports generated can be directly emailed/faxed from the system and can also be exported into excel/word/acrobat (pdf) format.


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