Air Imports :

Prior filing of IGM can be done directly from this system. It can also keep track of short landings. Transshipment of cargo to an inland location can be monitored through the system. It can generate cargo arrival notices and delivery orders, which can be printed as per your format specifications. Consignee profiles can be defined in the system (like the CAF/CC Fee Rates, D/O Fees etc.) on the basis of which the cargo arrival notice cum invoice will be generated. These documents can also be emailed/faxed from the system. Buying/Selling can be specified against the jobs. Debit Notes can be raised on overseas agent or consignee for the destination charges in case of a door-to-door shipment. The system has an in-built provision to generate the receipts. Agent Invoices and Credit Notes can be booked in the system, by which the overseas remittance is possible from the system. Remittance forms like BB1 Form, CAS Form, Declaration etc. can be generated from the system.

It has a battery of reports which includes various registers like CAN Register, Job Register, D/O Register, Receipt Register, etc. It has statistical / analytical reports like Agent / Consignee / Salesman wise turnover / tonnage reports which can be generated for any period. It also has costing reports which will bring out the gross profit against a specific job (along with the details of income and expense). The costing reports can be generated job wise, salesman wise and consignee wise.


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